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He is, however, perfectly willing to fuck with time and reality.

And also steal your infants.

He didn’t steal anything. She literally asked him to take the baby. Don’t make him the bad guy just because she was a shitty sister.

I think you are severely misinformed as to how baby ownership works.

It was not her baby to give.

David Bowie is unquestionably the villain.

Which do you think existed first, modern custody legislature, or the goblin king? 

The girl was entrusted by her parents with the care and custody of the child. By the laws governing the goblin king and his transactions, the girl was the current rightful owner of the child and made a deal with the king to take the child. Perhaps you’re not familiar with english folklore. Fae have rules, they’re tricksters, they can be sneaky, but they never break the rules.

Slammin’ it down in the Labyrinth fandom tonight, kids.

Children, children. Yes, he was playing by the rules, and yes, he gets to be the villain. In lit crit, you get to have your cake and eat it too!

And then run away from it when it turns into a whirling tunnel cleaner death machine.

That analogy got away from me a bit. And is now chasing me down a hallway brb

Listen, if Jareth was a villain, it wasn’t to Sarah. He literally does everything she wants him to. He’s a co-dependent enabler. No, Jareth is a villain to the thousands of goblins he rules over who have no rights. They fight for him; they die for him; they perform every errand he asks of them, and what do they get in return? They get insulted. They get kicked. They get laughed at. They get turned into princes.

What kind of princes, you ask?

Princes of the Land of Stench!

If Sarah was really a hero, she would have freed the goblins instead of selfishly leaving the Labyrinth with her ungrateful, mewling little brother. She would have liberated them.

With fire and blood.

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